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On April 18 Moscow’s Krylatskoe Hills hosted a fifth Rally Masters Show, which has become some kind of a substitute to the ‘real’ rallies of the past in Moscow and region, that attracted a large number of participants and spectators - Snezhinka, Moroz and Russian Winter.


We visited an anniversary show with Moscow STi-Club that took part with a number of entries and set up its own spectator zone on the hills.


Rally Masters Show traditionally offers a close access to cars and crews: service area is open to everyone and the special stages are well observed from numerous spots.


The distance of the eight special stages, running on curvy tarmac roads of an Olympic bicycle track and alongside the canoe channel, was slightly above 37 kilometers.


The starting list had 44 cars entered in N4, R3, R2 categories, as well as Overall and Historic (P12). Most competitors represented Russia, although there have also been some foreign crews among the participants - from Belarus, Finland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia. Besides, an 11 years old go-kart driver Ira Sidorkova drove the first special stage, but couldn’t take part in the whole event due to the driving license absence, as the liaison route included public roads.


Overall and N4 category winners were Alexey Lukyanyuk and Alexey Arnautov driving a Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2015 prepared by Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica.


Victories in both 2-wheel drive categories were after French cars - Dmitry Miachin and Alexander Gorlanov took first in R3 in a Renault Clio R3, while Nikolai Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov won in R2 with their Peugeot 208 R2.

The fastest in Historic was a Finnish crew of Ville Silvasti and Jonne Haltunen with a Porsche 911 Carrera RS, who have already had an RMS experience back in 2014. Arguably the most spectacular car of the show and a serious competitor to the Finnish duet, a very well performed Lancia Stratos replica of Alexander Alibekov and Oleg Uperenko, didn’t see the checkered flag having gone off the track right in front of spectators.

Event: 2015 Rally Masters Show

Date: 17-18 April 2015

Location: Krylatskoe Hills, Moscow, Russia

Distance: 65.92 км, special stages - 37.2 км (56%)

Surface: Tarmac


Special stages:

SS1 - Canoe Channel 1                           0.7 km, Tarmac

SS2 - Krylatskoe Hills 1                           8.6 km, Tarmac

SS3 - Canoe Channel 2                           0.7 km, Tarmac

SS4 - Krylatskoe Hills 1                           8.6 km, Tarmac

SS5 - Canoe Channel 3                           0.7 km, Tarmac

SS6 - Olympic Bicycle Road 1                   8.6 km, Tarmac

SS7 - Canoe Channel 4                           0.7 km, Tarmac

SS8 - Olympic Bicycle Road 1                   8.6 km, Tarmac


Categories: Overall, N4, R3, R2, P12 (Historic)

Number of participants: 44 (Overall - 5, N4 - 11, R3 - 4, R2 - 15, P12 - 9)

Finished: 31 (Overall - 4, N4 - 5, R3 - 4, R2 - 12, P12 - 6)

2015 Rally Masters Show Results

2015 Rally Masters Show Retirements